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The Native Divide – Your Friends Aren’t Mine – EP

The Native Divide – Your Friends Aren’t Mine – EP


Before the recording sessions we met up with the band to discussed what they wanted to achieve from their time in the studio. These discussions gave us a much greater understanding of the raw sound that The Native Divide desired.


While recording the EP, we used several techniques to capture the ‘raw’ sound of The Native Divide. One technique that was used on several occasions was the re-amping of the vocals though various guitar amps to give a natural distorted sound to the vocals on several of the tracks.


The aim while mixing this project was to find a balance between retaining the raw sound of the band and still obtaining a high quality finish.


To get the best possible results, when mastering we sent the tracks to The Edit Suite, London. We have a close relationship with the The Edit Suite and the tracks came back sounding amazing. The Edit Suite are responsible for mastering the likes of Richard Ashcroft, Bloc Party, Future Heads and The Kooks (to name but a few artist).